High Heels

High Heels
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1t 30min


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Grete Õunap


High Heels


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High Heels

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High heels dance class is a mixture of proper heels technique, feminine movement, sensuality and having fun throughout the whole process. Women have the opportunity to discover their sensual side wearing heels which will already make them feel more attractive.

They have the opportunity to dance to different songs to broaden their dance vocabulary. In this class we will also work on body movement by doing exercises to learn how to open up our bodies more (chest, hips etc.). We will also include some exercises in the warmup and technical part of the lesson to increase flexibility and control of the body. Because a big part of Grete's lessons is always being able to perform while learning the choreography, then ladies will work to be able to dance in front of a camera, too.

This class is a great way to increase the confidence, learn how to switch your weight while dancing on heels, flexibility, sensual and more open (bigger) movements.

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