Hip Hop Open Level

Hip Hop Open Level
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Hip Hop

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Kursuse maksumus: 59€ (55€ noortele ≤ 26), sisaldab 5 trenni 30 päeva jooksul

Ühe trenni maksumus: 15€ (või dance coins Ȼ95)

Hip Hop Open Level

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Enriko’s Hip-Hop course is inspired by his own style of oldschool, middle school and new school Hip-Hop mixed with some exotic latino vibes from Reggaeton and Moombathon.

For him is not only important for people to have fun, but also to express themselves, feel free and be their best as dancers and performers. Good knowledge with pinch of fun is what he guarantees for all levels of dancers in his course.

People who like to perform and challenge themselves - they’ll have the opportunity for that in different video projects and stage performances with him in the future. Enriko loves to develop dancers to be good artists, this way everyone in his course from beginners to advanced have something to learn and take with them.

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