Rueda de Casino - special

Rueda de Casino - special
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igal nädalal teisipäeviti kell 18:30


1t 30min




Fabian Arocha Albial



See on tantsutund koos partneriga, kuid oma partneri olemasolu ei ole vajalik.

Kursuse maksumus: 49€, sisaldab 5 trenni 30 päeva jooksul

Ühe trenni maksumus: 15€ (või dance coins Ȼ95)

Rueda de Casino - special

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We are super happy to invite you to Rueda de Casino SPECIAL course with Fabian! This is a 1 month course that ends with a PERFORMANCE at our studio Halloween event (29.10)! 💥💣

The course is meant for dancers who are already familiar with Cuban Salsa and have been dancing the style minimum for about 6 months (B-level). Come learn new techniques, challenge yourself and improve your dancing skills with this fiery class! 💯

👉 What is Rueda de casino? 👈

It is a circle of couples dancing Cuban Salsa figures to the commands of a caller in the circle. Whenever the callers calls a command, all the couples start dancing the named figure at the same time.

Rueda de Casino means “casino wheel“ and it is a Cuban dance tradition that originated in Havana in the late 50s/early 60s. Today the dance is danced all over the world.

In a social setting, a rueda will typically consist of 2-8 couples. If a rueda is starting to grow too big, it is common to put 2 or even 3 ruedas inside each other.

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