Alex õpetab järgmisi tunde:

Alex was introduced into kizomba in 2013. It became a love from the first sight. Getto Zouk tunes were dominating the dance floor back in the days. Since 2015 Alex discovered urbankiz - new evolution of kizomba that quickly gained popularity all around the world. Since 2017 Alex has been repeatedly invited as a kiz taxidancer to different dancing events in Helsinki, Riga, Tallinn etc. In 2018 Alex accomplished urbankiz instructor's certification led by Curtis & Carola, famous as one of the creators of urbankiz style. Since then Alex started teaching urbankiz in Tallinn. During that time Alex repeatedly took additional classes from Mike Evans, JD Deceus, Jp & Stephy, Fred-Nelson Banderas and many others. Nowadays, when tarraxo and kompa is dominating the dancefloor of the kiz comunity, Alex is still focusing on his favorite style – urbankiz.

See you on the dancefloor!

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