Grete Õunap

Grete Õunap õpetab järgmisi tunde:

Grete is an experienced professional dancer, choreographer, creative director, and a dance teacher. She has educated herself all over the world from the baltics to Los Angeles. She has trained under such names as Galen Hooks, Alisa Tsitseronova, Laura Pakasaar, Eghert Sören Nõmm and has taken multiple workshops from world famous dance teachers and educators. She has worked as a dancer on music videos, commercials, has performed live on various events with estonian artists and done international jobs mostly on a cruise ship. Her dance journey started with cheerleading and show dance. In the first years of her journey she added as many styles as possible to her dance dictionary later on focusing mostly on street, commercial, jazzfunk and heels. In her dancing she combines all of the technique and style from these styles.

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