Grete is a very positive and energetic Bachata instructor. It is super important for her that all her students leave the class being fulfilled and happy! 

Grete discovered her way to dancing in the beginning of university years. She started her dancing journey with Bachata and fell head over heels in love with that. The following year was filled with really intense training and visiting international festivals. After some time she also started dancing Zouk which she considers her second love next to Bachata. All this hard work paid off because this helped to start giving out good and helpful advice to others which she is also now doing while giving Bachata classes! 

She is also representing international world bachata stars like Marco & Sara in “Grupo Esencia Official” and she has represented Estonia in “International Zouk Day” choreography. 

Grete is very excited to keep developing herself and growing as a Bachata and Zouk dancer as well as to keep growing as a Bachata instructor! 

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